Monday, March 31, 2008



Piedmont, SC – March 31, 2008 – After a satisfying fifth place finish in the 2007 IHRA Nitro Funny Car points standings, Kelly Motorsports spent the off season looking for ways to improve upon their inaugural season. Months of work on the clutch setup and fuel delivery system, as well as refining most of the other components on their 7,000+ horsepower nitro-fueled, Firebird-bodied funny car, have driver Andy Kelley and his team excited about the season opening Amalie Oil Texas Nationals this weekend in San Antonio, Texas.

Despite finishing in the top 5 in points, and collecting several “Last Man Standing” low-qualifier awards, the Kelley team was frustrated last season by a tendency to lose traction at the starting line and smoke the tires, short-circuiting several chances to take home a national event win.

“Last year, our big struggle was getting our car to hook up consistently” said Andy. “Our number one priority this off season was to get our clutch setups right, and Richard Hartman made a significant discovery in our clutch system that should help us run more consistently.”

A successful testing session at the Rockingham Dragway last week has crew chief and team owner Pat Kelley excited about the upcoming season, especially the season opening race in San Antonio.

“Our testing session in Rockingham went as well as we could have expected. Despite track temperatures over 110 degrees, we got the car to hook up, launch hard, and run straight on both test runs.” said Pat. “We also added a new, high capacity fuel pump that will help us make more power and top our previous record speed of 305 mph.”

For a family-owned and operated team like Kelley Motorsports, testing sessions are a rare luxury, but are evidence of the commitment that Andy and Pat Kelley have made to the 2008 season.

“Our sponsors, great companies like Holbrook Performance Parts, Vickery’s Speed Shop, General Machine of Anderson, Victory One Valves, and Impact Racing are helping us realize a dream.” said Andy. “The IHRA Nitro Funny Car field is so much stronger this year that it’s going to take significant improvement to keep up with the established teams like Creasy, Wyatt, Haddock and Gilbertson, and to fend off the new teams that are beginning to make an impact like Matt Hagan and Jeff Diehl.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope the Easter bunny left you a basket full of chocolate and eggs. The Easter bunny left 2 large basket for our kids. They are very excited and now there painted some eggs. (Then we will be washing their clothes) Well, Kelley Motorsports had a very good weekend. First of all, anna drew went with me. Her mama was a little nervous because she and heath stayed at home. I was very proud of her. She was very good and helped where she could. The only problem now is she says she wants to go to all of them. We went to Rockingham and made 2 back to back runs during the day without smoking the tires. Our first run was a planned shut off at 300. It's been 5 months since I've been in the car and I was a little rusty, but all went according to plan. I have all new Impact! safety equipment which fit me very well. I want to thank Dale Vickery of Vickery's Speed shop in Anderson SC and John Schneider with Impact! The car left straight and pulled hard all the way to 300ft where i clicked it off. We came back and serviced the car. Everything looked perfect so it was basic service and back to the starting line. This time it's a planned 1/8 mile shut off. The car launched hard , blacked tracked a little and still was pulling strong until i clicked it off at 1/8 mile mark. I sure wanted to run it on through, but with financial conditions, it just wasn't feasable, plus our initial plans were to just make 2 300ft runs. We came back and serviced the car and again, everything looked perfect, so were confident going to San Antonio. I got some good news last week when Mrs. Holbrook of Holbrook Performance parts called and told me they would be returning to help me out this year. I also want to thank Terry Mcmillen for giving me some Amalie Nitro Oil. Every thing helps when your on a small budget. I want to thank my crew for their hard work and dedication to my team. Butch, Don, Jay, Ray, Richard, Paul, and Jim. I also want to thank the efforts of Steve, David, Jack and Vince for their help this weekend. Well, me, Dad and jill are excited about going to texas and hope to bring home our first win. See you soon.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Hello everyone, its been a while since my last post. A lot has been going on around here. We were planning on being at the feb. test at Rockingham, but some family issues came up and I just could not go. We are still looking for one or more marketing partners for this year, so if you know anyone, help us out. We went and registered Anna Drew for k5, she is growing up quick. Heath is all about Funnycars, and he's only 3. Well, its late and Anna Drew is sitting on my lap helping me type and now she says its time to go to bed, see you at the races!