Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to all.....

Happy Birthday Jesus. I hope everyone who is reading this has a Merry Christmas. We are having a great Christmas. The kids got way to much from Santa. It's been hectic. going here and there, eating 24/7... I bought Bron an excerise Bike, but I think I will be the one using it mostly so I can fit in the car. It's been great having family together, seeing old friends, and looking forward to the 08 season. Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sponsor mentions never enough

As I sit here at my computer looking at my christmas tree, wife and kids, I have to reflect on my 07' season. What a great year it has been, but it was over way to quick. Seems like yesterday, Me, daddy, jill, ray, jay, don, paul, connie, scott, steve, jim, and travis were on a plane to San antonio texas for the first IHRA knoll-gas Nitro jam race. We hadn't tested any over the winter and the very first pass I made was a 5.06 ( early shut-off). My crew's the best. Some were new, just jelling together. What an awesome crew they evolved into over the year. Thank you so much guy's! Richard Hartman has been a great asset to our team and we have all became good friends. Richard, phillip and myself went to the PRI show and we had a great time. I want to congratulate Bruce Litton, Dale Creasy, Mark Thomas, Scott Cannon and Robert Patrick on their Pro championships. I know for a fact they didn't come easy. We all dream of it, but to make it a reality, must be great! I want to thank all my sponsors who have helped me in my career. Running a car on a budget, I have to select the very best parts to run in my car and to you, thanks, Holbrook Performance parts, General machine of Anderson, Victory-1 valves, Ross Pistons, Vickery's speed shop, Impact!, Silt fence, JRD, R&R Construction, Hartman Machine Works, Horton race Cars, Safety solutions,Moore Performance, Nitro radios, Williams performance, Boninfante clutches, Richmond gear, ARC,and Hartman Enterprise. I also want to thank Connie Davis. Without his support, this year would have not been possible for our team. I also want to thank Paul Constantine. He has been the backbone of my identity this year. From my website to t-shirts to all the media attention I received, thank you Paul. I smell Nitro! Although we didn't win the championship, I feel I won the best of all this year. I met a lot of great people this year and made a lot of friendships I will never forget. Thanks to all the IHRA staff for making it one heck of a year and to the entire staff with Track Rescue for keeping us safe. What a dream I'm living! Can't wait til next year. Andy

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Down time for the off season?

I apologize for not blogging in a while, but we have been busting our tails getting ready for next season. We actually took a week off after rockingham, and thats it. It's been 6-7 days a week. Most of you know I am a diesel mechanic by trade. So, after we work all day at the truck shop, we go to the race shop and work. It's so much fun, but tons of work. Between work, racing and family time, there is NO down time! Were still looking for a major sponsor for 08' and were not giving up- ever! We are in the talking stages with a few prospects but nothing solid. I have secured a product deal with Dale Vickery of Vickery's Speed Shop in Anderson S.C. www.vickeryspeedshop.com and Impact! race products www.impactraceproducts.com I have to thank Mr. John Schneider of Impact! race products for all he has done for me. I am very excited about being in all Impact! gear for 08' and beyond! Safety is my main goal. With 2 young kids, wife and dog, I want to be protected in the very best way and Impact! race products will make that happen. Anyone looking for safety gear, whether it's Dragracing, circle track, go cart, tractor pulling, etc. should contact Dale Vickery and he will set you up and best of all he is at the IHRA races and many more. We painted our cranberry Freightliner this week. Our rig will be all white for 08' and it looks great. I want to thank my brother Neal, my dad Pat, Butch, Kenny and Tom for making it happen. I will post pics later. We will be running a camaro for the start of the season. The chassis has been at Horton race cars in Belton S.C. having some changes made and Richard Hartman has been working on our clutch management and other parts for next year. I dont give richard as much credit as he deserves, but he has worked his tail off for our team. We all want to win! Thanks to my crew, family and friends for all your support. stay tuned.......