Saturday, November 1, 2008

Getting ready for 09'

Well, there is no such thing as off time for a race team. We have been busy getting ready for 09'. I hope to have some big things happen for us next year. It is not looking good for the Nitro FC class in IHRA next year. SO, we're building a brand new NHRA spec. chassis and we're going to run some NHRA events. We'd run them all if the $$$ comes through. We took delivery of a Dodge Stratus body, and it's just bad!! I will post some pics later. The chassis is being built right here in the upstate by J.Ed Horton and Richard Hartman at Horton race cars/ Hartman Machine in Belton SC. As always, we're still looking for sponsorship at any level, so pass the word along. It will be interesting!


James said...

Best of luck next year. To bad IHRA is letting the best part of the show go away. I got the stickers and they look real boss on the truck. People ask Who's Kelley
I tell em he's the fastest boy in the Piedmont

Your #1 fan in Connecticut
J Lyon

Bill Naves said...

Congratulations on a fantastic year!
We miss you and Dad on the matchrace circuit, but it's wonderful to see you guys have such amazing success with the high dollar competition.

We wish you continued success
The Naves family
Shooting Star AFC